Single Source BPM can provide a range of change and project management support for you and your organisation, from guidance and advice to compliment your existing skilled resources, or all the way through to implementation. With consultants’ that are Prince II qualified to Project Managers who specialise in BPM and customer improvement projects.

It is essential for any significant project, which will impact on the organisation internally, that it is actively supported or sponsored by a senior Business Manager or Director. However, any successful project will ensure that front line staff, throughout the organisation, have an active involvement through workshops, discussion forums and open door briefing sessions. You will be surprised how many of your staff have untapped skills and knowledge. When you truly involve your front line staff our experience shows they will sell any business change to their colleagues and peers far more effectively than any ‘manager’. They will also commit to ensure the identified successful outcomes and business benefits are realised.

Single Source BPM has access to skilled resources which can support your business BPM project implementation. One of our consultant’s has recently implemented a very successful and significant BPM solution within the healthcare environment, and personally committed and delivered on involving all staff directly effected by any business process change. This consultant is a member of the Charted Management Institute and has 20 years of senior management experience within the Services environment up to Company Director Level.